Educate Buyers on Their New Neighborhood

In most cases, home buyers are not only interested in finding the right home, but also the right neighborhood. Picking a neighborhood is a critical part in choosing which home is the right fit. Aside from choosing how many bedrooms are desired, a ranch style of 2-story ect., questions arise about nearby amenities, neighborhood safety and the value of surrounding homes. It’s important to know the neighborhood! Your buyers will feel more comfortable knowing the ins and outs of their new surroundings. The following are three ways to help ensure your buyers are comfortable with their neighborhood selection:

Take a cruise around
  • Drive your buyers around their new neighborhood. Show them every available access point, but take them through the prettiest first. Take them on different days and at different times of day. Point out the available amenities that may appeal specifically to your buyer while showing parks and shopping areas as well. Make sure your buyer gets a good “feel” from their community and has seen all it offers.
Offer neighborhood resources
  • Provide your buyer with a list of resources including neighborhood safety. What some feel comfortable with as a safe neighborhood, others may feel the complete opposite. Ensure your buyers are equipped with all available information such as the local police station or providing crime rates, help them to determine what’s safe for them.
Provide stats
  • Don’t forget to not only focus on the stats of the particular home you are selling but also the neighborhood. In most cases a homeowner will move again, when they do you want them to call you. Provide comparative stats on their neighborhood vs. nearby neighborhoods. When there has been a dip in the market, how has their neighborhood performed? Did it recover quickly? Be prepared to help them understand the importance of home values. If a home didn’t necessarily perform well but there are major improvements underway in the area, this is a potential upside. Make sure your buyers have the numbers to back up their impulse and emotion to buy.
Click Here to view the full article on how to educate your buyers before they move to the neighborhood.

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