Home Inspections-Questions Answered

Home Inspections can be a bit intimidating if you are left with unanswered questions. Now, the answers to some of those lingering questions you may have.

What is it?
·         A home inspection is an objective look into the physical structure of a house. This includes the external and internal, from top to bottom, roof to foundation!
What is included?
A report will be given covering:


o    Heating and cooling systems
o    Plumbing and Electrical
o    Attic and basement (Insulation included)
o    Windows and doors
o    Walls
o    Ceilings
o    Floors
o    Foundation and structure

Do I really need an inspection?
  • Considering a home can be one of the biggest investments/purchases you will ever make, a home inspection is a way to make you more aware of some major repairs that need to be made or even constructional oversights that may have been made.  New or older, the home could easily have hidden damage or repairs, a home inspection will make you more aware of what you are getting into, in turn, helping you to make the best decision for you.
  • Already a homeowner? A home inspection can help you to make preventative repairs to which may help to save money while avoiding major problems in the future.
  •  Planning to sell? A home inspection will help to point out the areas your home may need repairs done to help your home more desirable to buyers.
What is the cost?

  • The cost will vary depending on location. In some areas, the fee will vary depending on size of home, age, various testing that may need completed (well or radon).  When making the decision to have a home inspection, cost should not be the deciding factor. Having the knowledge about the home being inspected delivers a peaceful sense of security well worth whatever the cost may be. When choosing your home inspector consider: qualifications, experience, training ect.
Can I do an inspection myself?
  • The most handy, experienced homeowner lacks the necessary amount of knowledge needed to perform a proper home inspection.  A qualified home inspector knows what to look for in the construction of the home, installation, maintenance and safety.  They know how systems should be running or how they can be fixed otherwise. Aside from the qualifications, they are able to be much more objective.
Can a home fail inspection?
  •  A home inspection is performed to determine the condition of the home therefore cannot be failed.   This is strictly to determine current physical condition, major repairs, damaged systems ect.
  •  An appraisal will be done to determine market value and a municipal inspection completed to verify code compliance.
  • Ask around! Between friends, family and co-workers, you will surely have someone who can recommend a home inspector they have used.  Real Estate Agents and Brokers are typically able to provide you with the name of a qualified inspector.
  •  If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, let me know and I can get you a list of home inspectors, no problem.
Should I be present for the inspection?
  •  Is it a requirement? No. It is however, highly recommended. If you are present during the inspection, you will have the opportunity to ask questions as you go about the home’s condition.
The report revealed problems, what now?
  •  At this point, you know what you are getting into! If you are unable to afford the areas in need of a little TLC, don’t fret. In some cases, sellers may offer to make the repairs in order to keep you as a buyer. If the offer is not made and you can afford the repairs, you know in advance what to prepare yourself (and your budget) for.
The report is good! Why did I get an inspection?
  • You can now complete your home purchase with 100% confidence.  Chances are you gained knowledge about your new home on things you may have never found out from the inspector’s report and you now have that to reference in the future.

Click here to view more about Homes Inspection and ASHI certified home inspectors.


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