6 Home Fix-Ups Worth the Price

Completing simple projects around your home can greatly increase the value and are incredibly affordable. HomeGains marketing company surveyed close to six hundred real estate professionals and found which home improvements benefit sellers most.
The following is a list of six projects which can be done for under $1,000 with the “return” amount (All amounts are estimated) listed as well:
Organization- Create an organized home. From closets to countertops and shelves. Remove clutter to create a clean look.
  •  Cost: $290
  •   Return: $1,990
Lighting- A bright room is an inviting room! Update lighting fixtures and curtains, clean all windows and remove anything from windows blocking the natural light from coming in.
  • Cost: $375
  • Return: $1,550
Staging- Place your furniture in a way that gives an enhanced look. Don’t hesitate to bring in new accessories and artwork. Play soft, relaxing music in the background to give a “homey” feel.
  •  Cost: $550
  • Return: $2,194
Landscaping- First impressions can make or break the sale of a home. Give your home the curb appeal people can’t refuse! Adding mulch, flowers, bushes and keeping up on yard maintenance could could really make the difference.
  •     Cost: $540
  •     Return: $1,932
Electrical/Plumbing Repairs- Update appliances and light fixtures, replace any old plugs or lights that don’t work. Ensure all leaks are taken care of, mildew stains are removed and all plumbing is in good condition.
  •     Cost: $535
  •     Return: $1,505

Clean or Replace Carpets- Replace worn or stained carpet unable to be shampooed and repair all creaks.

  •  Cost: $647
  •   Return: $1,739

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