4 Rules for Gutter Replacement

When you own a home, whether you plan to sell or not, you need to keep your systems in working order. This includes the sometimes-overlooked-but-still-important gutters. The rules of thumb regarding gutter replacement are actually very simple. Here are 4 rules for gutter replacement:

1. If your original gutters are straight, solid and don’t leak, they don’t need replacement, period.

2. If they do leak, there’s a fair chance they can be repaired. In the case of steel or copper gutters, contact your local sheet metal shop. For redwood gutters, have a good handyman determine if they can be caulked or patched.

3. If you do decide on replacement, demand gutters that are at least equal to the originals in quality. Ask a knowledgeable but disinterested party (not the roofer doing the work) to recommend the best material.

4. Lastly, put at least as much thought into choosing the gutter profile as you do into choosing the roofing material. Don’t let the contractor make this choice for you; many will simply fall back on the style of gutter that’s the least trouble to install.


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