Selling Your Home This Fall

Autumn is just around the corner, and it’s not as easy to maintain your beautiful-flower-lined walkways as it was in the summer. The weather is becoming cooler, the amount of daylight is shortening, and leaves are falling. So, how can you use the season change to your advantage when selling your home?

  1. Keep your landscape in order. Don’t allow leaves to pile up and kill your grass-dead grass is not a good selling point. Also, keep your grass cut and uniform. While it shouldn’t be growing as rapidly as it did in the summer and spring, you should still be sure to cut it at least once a week in the fall. There is also a range of flowers and plants that you can keep outside during the fall (such as mums) just to beautify your property a little more; this will make your property appeal to buyers before they even step inside your home.
  2. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere inside your home. Definitely utilize fireplaces if you have any, and don’t be stingy with the furnace. Don’t go overboard either though. Real estate professionals recommend setting your thermostat somewhere around 68 degrees for a showing in the fall.
  3. Let there be light. Many of your showings will probably be during the day time. If this is the case, open all of your blinds, pull back the curtains and the drapes, and let there be light! If your showing isn’t during the day, or it’s cloudy and dark outside, turn on all of the lights in the house and place some spotlights behind furniture.

To read the full article from RisMedia, click here.


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