Open Areas and Walkable Spaces are Worth Higher Home Prices for Many Buyers


According to REALTOR® Magazine, “More home shoppers say they want to live where there is walkable space, and they’re willing to pay extra for it”. That is, houses that come with more open spaces and more walkable areas are more valuable. Researchers have even boiled this down to a science, saying that the price (per square foot) is raised by $300+ for “every step up the walkability ladder” in apartments. It is raised $82 per square foot in houses. If the neighborhood and area surrounding your home is also “walkable” and open, your home may be worth even more. These spaces offer great opportunities for potential buyers to become physically active in their area, and thus, are more valuable than homes that cannot offer such amenities. Talk to your realtor about the “walkability” and openness of your home and area; this could lead to a great marketing strategy for you!

Read the original article from here.


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