12 Fire Safety Tips for the Winter

Winter is here whether we like it or not! But there is something about getting cozy by the fireplace with hot chocolate, right? With all the perks of a fire burning in the winter, you need to keep a few safety tips in mind. Here are 12 Fire Safety Tips for the Winter


1. Extension Cords: With all the holiday lights and decorations, you need to be careful where you place them, if the outlet is grounded, and not to overcrowd the outlets.

2. Candles: The holiday scents are a regular in my house every year. Be aware of how many you have lit so you remember to blow them out when you leave or go to sleep. Keep them away from papers, bookshelves, and other flammable items. Burn candles on a holder, not directly onto a flammable surface.

3. Holiday Decorations: Have a real tree? Make sure you water it regularly. A dry tree with hot lights wrapped around it is not a good mix.

4. Hot Ashes: Did you know you are not supposed to put ashes from the fireplace into a plastic bag or other flammable bag? Ashes can stay hot long after the fire has burnt out, make sure you use a metal container to put your ashes in when cleaning out the fireplace.

5. Space Heaters: Never point a space heater directly at anything flammable. Make sure your space heater has safety features such as if it tips over, does it have an automatic shut off?

6. Combustible Materials: Don’t store newspapers next to the fire. Even though you use them to light a fire and want them near, it is an accident waiting to happen. Same goes with clothing, pillows, dog bed, etc.

7. Leaves and Needles: Don’t let these things build up on your roof.

These might seem like easy, common sense tips but q quick reminder of what to look out for this winter never hurts! If you want more info on preventing fire tragedies, read the original article by Inman News here.


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