Landscaping Checklist

With warmer weather here most homeowners are getting back out into their yards and gardens and summertime is the prime time for hosting outdoor events, which means you need to keep up with your landscaping. From Better Homes and Gardens, here is a landscape-care checklist for homeowners.

  • Repair any dead patches in your yard

  • A weak lawn can be revived by dethatching and aerating

  • Mow regularly (as needed, usually at least once a week); leave grass clippings on the lawn and only remove ⅓ of the grass height per mow

  • If it gets fairly hot in your area, raising the mowing height and allowing for grass to grow a little taller will help your yard resist heat and drought better

  • You should alternate your mowing pattern in order to avoid creating ruts or strips in your yard

  • Water your lawn in the morning

  • Your lawn should receive about 1 inch of water a week

  • Weed around trees as needed

  • Add fresh mulch around trees and shrubs; be sure to keep mulch about 2 inches away from the trunk of the tree

  • Inspect your trees regularly for signs of infestation from insects or disease

  • New trees and shrubs should be watered once a week, enough to moisten soil one foot below the surface

  • Wait to trim hedges until after the first new growth flush

  • Faded flowers should be deadheaded

  • Shrubs, such as lilacs, that bloom in the spring should be pruned

  • Cut flowers and herbs in the morning

  • After fruiting fruit-bearing shrubs, prune the plant

  • Water container-plants as needed (when dry)

  • Flowers and vegetables should be fertilized monthly in the summertime

  • Be sure to clean all landscaping tools after use

  • Weed between pavers and pathways in concrete and blacktop

  • Repaint or re-stain surfaces as needed

  • Evaluate your yard regularly, pulling invasive weeds and checking for pests

The best way to care for your lawn and garden this year is to stick to a sensible to-do list and be sure to provide proper care to all of your trees, shrubs, and other plants.

For more great tips on keeping up with your landscape, check out the Better Homes and Gardens site.


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