5 Apps For Decorating Inspiration


Whether you have just moved in to a new home, or you’re trying to vamp-up your existing home – there’s an app for that! Mobile apps can help you throughout every step of the home-buying process, and any real estate-related process in general, so they can definitely help you when you need home-decorating inspiration. Here are five mobile apps for decorating inspiration.


This is the ultimate app for home decorating inspiration. Create pin boards for each individual room in your home that you wish to decorate or redecorate. Get creative and unique ideas from others who have also taken on the task of decorating their home.

Photo Measure

Photo Measure allows you to save measurements of your home on your mobile device. If you’re at a store and don’t know if something will fit in any given space, you can consult your app to determine whether or not it will be a perfect fit.

iHandy Level

This will come in handy when you have determined what you want your space to look like. When you get ready to hang pictures, or anything on your walls, consult the iHandy Level app to make sure everything is straight and sturdy.

Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool

This iPhone app will allow you to determine whether or not the furniture you have, or are planning to buy, will fit into the given room or area. This can save you a lot of time and money on buying things that you don’t necessarily have space for.


The ColorSnap app is perfect for when you see a color you love and want to put it on your walls. It will take the color you find and match it to a Sherwin-Williams paint color that you can pick up at a retailer near you.

Decorating your home, old or new, can be a really fun task. Mobile apps are great resources to check out when you’re lacking creativity, or if you just need an extra hand. If you’re looking for more decorating inspiration from apps, visit here.

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