10 Apps to Keep Your Schedule Organized


10 Apps to Keep Your Schedule Organized - Tari Torch Sweeney1

10 Apps to Keep Your Schedule Organized – Keeping track of everything you need to do doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve gathered our favorite apps to help you keep your schedule organized and to keep you sane, check them out below.

  1. Evernote. Evernote lets you organize, manage, and retrieve multiple types of media. From photos and videos to receipts and voice memos. You can use Evernote to keep track of all of your important data on multiple devices so it is always at your fingertips when you need it. This makes it easier to record to-dos, keep photos of projects, and data all in one place to help your tasks go smoothly.
  1. Ge.tt allows you to simply drag and drop the files you want to share instantly. You can share the link even before the upload is complete, and the receiver can start downloading before you are even done uploading. This makes it a snap to share articles, recipes, work documents etc. It frees up time so you don’t have to worry about checking to make sure a file was successfully sent.
  1. Cozi. This is the ultimate organization app for a family! Here you can keep track of everything from school and sport schedules to grocery lists and appointments. Cozi can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. There is even a family calendar and organizer so everyone’s busy schedule can be kept in one place.
  1. Grocery Pal. Make grocery shopping less of a time-consuming hassle and never forget anything again. This app shows you sales at local stores, compares your shopping list to find low prices online that include free shipping and even allows you to buy from online stores directly from the app. It can also help you track paper coupons, organize your shopping list by aisles and categories, sync lists between different devices and everything else you need for a productive grocery shopping experience.
  1. Menu Planner. This $3 app allows you to create meal plans, import recipes from various websites, keep track of what’s in your pantry, create shopping lists and, of course, plan all your meals. Planning your meals can make the evenings go much smoother when deciding what to do for dinner, thus freeing up your schedule for some relaxation time.
  1. Calvetica. This app has a very simple and clean design. It allows you to set alarms, sync with iCloud, and a search feature.
  1. Chore Hero – For parents who want a little help organizing chores for children, this app is ideal. You can assign chores to each of your children, or use the random function to automatically assign chores. If you want to set up reward schemes for your children, Chore Hero has a very useful profile system that will help you keep track of each child’s progress.
  1. MobileLife® Family Organizer – If your kids are text crazy, then MobileLife will help you use it to your advantage. The app allows you, as a parent, to distribute schedules to a list of defined users. You can also create to-do lists, shopping lists and any other type of list you need on the main account. For a more hands-off approach, make sure to give everyone access to family calendars and lists, so that you don’t have to constantly remind your family of important tasks.
  1. Schedule Planner – For anyone who likes flexibility in an organizer, Schedule Planner is one of the best apps available. Some of the features included are color-coding, multiple options for creating lists and quick schedule creation tools. Schedule Planner is a free app and a must have for all iPhone users.
  2. reQall.Having trouble recalling your day-to-day activities and to-do’s? This app manages your ideas, tasks and more. You record whatever you need by voice or text, and can use email, IM and more. The reQall app also makes it easy to organize your lists — by dates, locations, times and keywords.

Make sure to download these helpful apps! Have you used any of these apps before? What’s your favorite app that helps you stay organized? Comment to share with us!


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