3 Tips for Painting Your Home in the Winter


It’s easy to plan home improvement projects such as painting when it’s cold out – you don’t want to go outside, so you might as well be productive, right? Wintertime is a convenient time of year to do interior work, but there are plenty of obstacles that can impair your progress.  Below are our top tips for painting your house in the winter. Check them out for a stress-free painting job.

Top 3 Tips for Cold Weather Painting…

  • Start early to decrease additional heating costs. In order to get rid of the paint fumes you’ll need to open the windows, which creates a loss of heat. This means you’ll need to increase your heat, which adds up. Starting your project earlier in the season before the coldest weather hits can limit these extra costs.
  • Use cold weather to your advantage. Cooler weather allows paint to dry faster, plus the lack of humidity helps paint dry properly. You’ll also be able to finish sooner, as you won’t have to stop when the sun goes down like with exterior painting.
  • Boost your home and mood with color. Many people experience low moods or depression during the wintertime, and one way to help with that is to add a splash of color to your home. Painting an accent wall or a lighter, brighter color on the walls can boost your home, and can also update your home’s interior.

Are you planning on starting a painting project this winter? What do you think of these tips? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


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