3 Tips To Organize Your Office

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3 Tips To Organize Your Office: With so many reasons to be distracted at work–family issues, bills, sickness–an unorganized work space shouldn’t be one of them. When your office space is a mess, it’s difficult to be motivated and to stay on-task. There are easy, cheap and effective ways to organize your desk and office space to maximize your productivity. Here are only a few suggestions…

Office Organization Tips: 

  • Prioritize: Each day, make a list of tasks that need to be accomplished. This visual will help you to map your work plan. Keep this list posted near you to serve as your guideline. Anything not listed is off-limits!
  • Bundle stray cords: With so many devices in the office, it’s easy to trip over cords. Use Velcro binders or plastic ties to neatly bundle them and to keep them away from foot space. This prevents the likelihood of tripping, losing valuable data if one or more cords become unplugged and creates a more visually appealing office so that you’re less fixated on mess.
  • Cut the Clutter: First and foremost, your desk is for work, so remove miscellaneous odds and ends that may distract you such as your kid’s artwork, forgotten drinking glasses, etc. Get rid of the extra canister of pens and multiple notepads that aren’t being used. Streamlining your space will make it easier to work.

Want additional tips? Learn more organizational tips.

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