5 Best Parks to Visit in Cleveland, Ohio

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5 Best Parks to Visit in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland might be one of the largest cities in Ohio; however, it is filled with hidden treasures for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a dog park, somewhere to bring the kids, or you just want a leisurely day out in the sun, you will have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. Here are the five best parks to visit in Cleveland, Ohio.

Punderson State Park

This 741-acre park is perfect if you’re looking for an adventurous and fun weekend with the family. In and around the area, you will find swimming, fishing, camping, golf, sledding (in the wintertime) and a number of other recreational activities.

Mohican State Park

If you like hiking, kayaking, canoeing and fishing, you definitely need to check out the Mohican State Park along the Mohican River. If you’re really looking to “rough it,” bring a backpack and camp in one of the many campsites throughout the park.

Lakewood Park

Lakewood Park is a beautiful area spanning 31-acres of lakefront property. The park’s best features are a seasonal pool, bandshell, skatepark, sport courts and fields, and even a beautiful hiking/running trail.

Geneva State Park

If you like to stay right on the waters of Lake Erie, Geneva State Park is for you. There are plenty of hiking and outdoor activity options right along the water. Not to mention lodging – in a tent or hotel – if you plan to stay overnight.

Impett Park

Impett Park is a pleasant and quiet neighborhood park. It is filled with plenty of activities to keep you busy and well equipped with tennis courts, jungle gyms and more. If you don’t live close by, not a problem – there is plenty of parking around the park.

Cleveland has so much to offer in the field of parks and recreation, you just have to know where to look in order to find the best one that suites your needs. To learn more about parks in the Cleveland area and hear other people’s opinions on their favorite parks, visit here.


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