5 Potted Plant Ideas for 2015


5 Potted Plant Ideas for 2015

Indoor and outdoor potted plants have so many possibilities. They will breathe life into any room and make for cute outdoor decor, as well. Whether you’re looking for ways to update your current plants, or you’re trying something for the first time, there are so many different things you can do. Here are five potted plant ideas for 2015.

Herb Gardens

Have you ever needed a small amount of cilantro or parsley and skipped that part in the recipe? Well make yourself a herb garden in small pots and you’ll always have some on hand.


Line the steps up the porch with small potted plants to add a nice, vibrant touch to any old stairway. Consider using different pot colors in similar styles for an added touch.

Color Coordinate

Gather tons of different pots with color-coordinated flowers to brighten up any room for a party.

Make a Mini-Garden

If you’re house or apartment doesn’t have a large yard, or you are just looking for something lower-maintenance than an actual garden, make yourself a mini-garden. Plant things like tomatoes or strawberries in pots and keep them on the porch. You’ll be amazed at how low-maintenance mini-gardens can be.

Wall Climbers

Sun seeking climbers can brighten up any outdoor space. Keep the plant in a pot next to a wall or trellis and watch it grow-up (literally!)

For more potted plant ideas for your home, visit here.


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