Tips For A Smooth Home Renovation


Tips For A Smooth Home Renovation – Renovating your home can be exciting and fun, or stressful and overwhelming – it all depends on your planning, preparation, and dedication. A little preparation and planning can go a long way for a large project like remodeling your home. Get started with these tips for ensuring a smooth home renovation from BHG.

  • Plan ahead – the earlier you start planning the more room you’ll have to change your mind and, most importantly, the better you can stay on budget. Select your products, materials, and help early so you have a good idea of what the project is going to cost you. You don’t want any costly surprises halfway through your renovation.
  • Calculate costs – you should take into consideration the cost of maintenance, energy loss, repairs, accommodations (if you have to move out during the renovation)
  • Pick a good contractor – you should look for BBB accredited remodelers with 3+ years of experience, good reviews, and, if possible, who are members of NARI (the National Association of the Remodeling Industry). You should also make sure that you trust the remodeler and that you guys are on the same page regarding project details.
  • Look at current projects that remodelers have going on – this will give you an idea of what you can expect when they work on your home. You should look for a remodeler with clean/organized work sites and who has safety protocols in place.
  • Be nice to the contractor. Things will go a lot smoother on both sides if you and the contractor respect one another.
  • Ask for a detailed contract – details should include your address, start date of construction, end date of construction, and detailed information on what exactly is going to be done to your home.
  • Have realistic expectations about the process – thinking about the end result of a renovation or remodeling project is undoubtedly exciting, but be prepared to run into roadblocks and frustrations first.
  • Consider relocating (kind of) – if you have a huge renovation project going on that will make your home practically unlivable, consider renting an apartment for a few months while the contractors finish the work. If you’re only doing one room, like the kitchen, consider getting a mini-fridge and a microwave to place out of the way so you can still have those amenities without being in the way.
  • Protect your valuables – depending on the work you’re having done, you may need to pack away breakables and valuables so they aren’t damaged during the project.
  • Communicate with your contractor – don’t expect them to read your mind. If you have a problem with something, let them know so the issue can be corrected as soon as possible.

The key to a successful and smooth project is planning, preparation, and communication. Make sure to do your research and follow these great tips to help get you started. For even more tips on having a smooth home renovation as well as design ideas for your remodel don’t forget to check out BHG.


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