Summer Gardening Tips

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Summer Gardening Tips – Summer is the perfect season for turning your garden into a masterpiece. Everybody knows that gardening is good for your plants, but it’s also good for you! It’s great exercise, therapeutic, and of course can yield healthy food for your family to eat. Here are a few summer gardening tips to help you manage your garden this summer.

The Soap Trick: One irritating thing about gardening every day is that dirt can become caked under your fingernails, staining the nail no matter how hard you scrub. Experts recommend scraping a bar of soap across your nails, which will store soap slivers under the nail and block dirt while you dig. Washing your hands at the end of a gardening session will easily remove the soap slivers and your nails will be clean as can be.

Versatile Tools: A great tip for minimizing the amount of gardening tools you are toting around is to make single tools, multi-functional. For example, take your hoe or shovel and mark the handle in inches and feet with permanent marker. This way when you are planting or laying out your gardens, you can use the handle to measure distance and the shovel to dig your holes.

Let Nothing Go to Waste: After you finish your morning coffee or tea, use the grounds to feed acid to acid-loving flower plants like gardenia or rhododendrons in your yard. Adding one-quarter inch of grounds around the plant just once a month, will make these plants happy.

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Harvest, Harvest and Harvest: When growing vegetables, harvest as soon as veggies are ripe and ready. Each time you harvest, the plant will yield more little veggies for future food! Have extra fruit or vegetables? Likely your local homeless shelter or nearest neighbor would appreciate the goods. Additionally eat the food as soon as you harvest to take advantage of the foods delicious fresh flavors.

 Water in the Morning: Watering plants in the morning will maximize the water absorption that your plants can manage. Moreover make sure to water your plants frequently, especially during the hottest times of the summer.

Tell the Bugs to Beat it!: Infestations can ruin plants rapidly. Keep a sharp eye on leaves for bugs attacking your foliage. Some tips to stave them off: 1. Wrap tape around your fingers and brush them along the under side of leaves to grab at tiny insects. 2. Sprinkle organic diatomaceous earth around your plants to take care of those harmful bugs. A little will go a long way.

There are tons of tips to maximize your garden efforts this summer. Check out and for more ideas. Enjoy your summer and your garden to the fullest and reap its beautiful and delicious rewards along the way.


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