5 Apps To Help Organize and Pay Your Bills


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5 Apps to Help Organize and Pay Your Bills – Need some help saving money? Busy lives with bills adding up can lead to some seriously stressful moments when you are looking at the dollar signs in your bank account. Fortunately, you are not alone and there are plenty of helpful solutions to help manage your funds. Digitaltrends.com recommends the following 5 apps to help organize and pay your bills:

  1. Dollarbird is a great app for long term planners- you can plan out up to five years of financial goals. This app also lets you track expenses and reminds you to pay your bills on time.
  2. If you’re addicted to online shopping, Slice might be the best app for you. Not only does this app monitor your online expenditures, it keeps up with your shipping tracking numbers!
  3. Saved Plus is the app that helps you save money while you spend! Based on the settings you choose, the app will place a percentage of your transactional spending into a savings account with every purchase.
  4. Level Money takes all your financial data and converts it into easy to read infographics designed to help you manage your finances at a glance.
  5. If you are a regular PayPal user, then you might as well download the PayPal app which lets you easily transfer funds to and from your bank account as well as securely manage purchasing and sales. Keeping your money transfers in one place will help you track spending as well as help you save.

No matter what kind of spender (or saver) you are, these apps can helps streamline the process so you never pay a late bill fee or overdraw your accounts. Managing your finances will never be the same again!


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