Tips For Using Your Fire Pit Year Round

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Tips For Using Your Fire Pit Year Round – A fire pit is a something that many people have, but they do not utilize year round. Sure, sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows during the summer and fall is pleasant, but it definitely is not pleasant when it is frigid cold outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your fire pit year round? Well, you can! Here are six tips for using your fire pit year round.


Sometimes it is nice to sit around a warm fire and drink your favorite beverage, but it is also great when the fire serves a purpose other than just looking pretty. Light up your fire pit during the cold months and cook dinner for your family. Not only will you get to enjoy the warmth that comes from the flames, but it will feel like a summertime meal.

Use Dry Wood

When it comes to starting a fire, start small and use dry wood. If you do not have a proper place to store your wood in the winter to keep it dry, you can always purchase starter logs from your local hardware store.

Keep a Safe Distance

When it is colder outside, people tend to want to stand closer to the warmth. However, it is important to remember safety guidelines and to stay far enough away to prevent being burned or injured.

Bug Repellant

Lighting a fire in your fire pit can serve multiple purposes, including being a natural bug repellant. Relax on a fall evening without the hassle of being bitten by insects. Place boughs of rosemary or stalks of citronella near the fire, and let the natural insect-repellent keep the bugs away.

Be Festive

You can still use your fire pit in the cold months of the year, but use them for festive gatherings. Invite a group of friends over to enjoy hot apple cider or to watch a football game in the fall, or have a holiday party and sing carols around the fire while you drink hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless.

Hand Safety

This is not something you need to think about unless it becomes cold outside and you need to wear gloves to protect your hands. In that case, insulated leather safety gloves will be your best bet of staying warm, in addition to the proper fireplace tools like metal shovels, pokers and log grabbers.

For more tips for using your fire pit year round, visit here.


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